Factors to consider for Private Schools in Orange County

Kingdom Life Academy – Factors to consider when choosing Private schools in Orange County

The time has finally come when your little one has to start their academic journey. But, do you know there are over 400 private schools in Orange County? Choosing a school from among them seems like a humongous task, especially if you do not what exactly you should be looking for.

Factors to consider for Private Schools in Orange County

Kingdom Life Academy is here to help you with this challenging task. In this post, we will talk about the factors you must take into consideration when selecting a private school for your child.


Know what you want

Before you start comparing different private schools in Orange County, you must first know what you want from a school. Every school might have their own strengths and weaknesses and it is difficult to come across a school that delivers 100% on every aspect.

So, it is best if you look for the features that are absolutely essential for you and which you cannot compromise on. Knowing what you want will give you a good foundation in your search for the perfect school and will easily help you eliminate the wrong choices.

Quality of education in private schools in Orange County

The quality of education is the most critical factor when selecting any private school. You should not compromise on this under any circumstance. What factors determine the quality of education?

  • The qualification of teachers and staff
  • Proven history of academic excellence and achievements of the school
  • School curriculum
  • Focuses on practical learning
  • Value-based education

These are some of the important aspects to consider when evaluating the credibility of a school with respect to the quality of education imparted by them.

Extra-curricular activities

No education is complete without extra-curricular activities. If a child doesn’t get enough opportunities to nurture their talents in school, you have no business to be in that school.

A good private school should provide ample avenues for our little ones learn and showcase their talents in sports, elocution, debates, skit, dance, music, art, and more.

The school’s discipline policy

A school should maintain a high level of discipline if we want our younger generation to turn out to be disciplined, individuals. But, we cannot ignore the fact that some schools go overboard with it.

A well-balanced safe environment where discipline and enjoyment are given equal importance would be perfect as an overly strict school might shatter a child’s confidence for life.

These are some of the factors that cannot be ignored when looking for the right private school for your child. You can take surveys, interview the schools, and/or talk to the parents of children studying in a school to acquire an understanding of the above-mentioned factors.

Kingdom Life Academy is one of the private school in Orange County that delivers on all the point mentioned above. You are free to come and find out for yourself.

Remember, school is the crucial part of the formative years of your child. You cannot afford to take chances!


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