Private Christian Schools

8 Questions You Need To Ask when choosing the best among Private Christian Schools in Orange County CA for your child

Choosing the perfect school for your child is a challenge within itself. The years your child is in education are their golden years in regards to development. The importance of not just the subjects children are taught, but the way they are taught, the structure of the school and support from the faculty of staff has really grown. As a result, many parents are considering Private Christian Schools, especially in California where the differences and restrictions between private and public schools are staggering.


Private Christian Schools

Private Christian schools:

Private Christian schools in Orange County CA offer so much more than public schools. They are no longer seen as schools for the elite, but now a necessary investment towards a strong development that create successful and respectful adults. As public schools have to follow very rigorous legislation, they do not have the funds, nor do they have the support to provide the wide range of tools an Orange County private Christian school does. Orange County private schools can provide religious education, smaller class sizes for longer one-to-one sessions, much more involvement for parents, and a vast range of subjects to not only support your children academically but also improve their social skills. Sending your child to private Christian schools will help to mold an all-rounder, a child that is not only intelligent but articulate, confident, respectful and most importantly happy!

When choosing the perfect private Christian schools in Orange County CA, it is important to ask the right questions. Here are the top questions every parent should be asking when looking to enroll their child in an institution that will help further them.


  1. Does the school have a particular educational philosophy or mission?

What makes the school stands out from the rest should always be your first port of call. To find this out, the best thing to do is find out what the values, mission, and philosophy of the school are, and whether or not it is aligned with your hopes for your child. Great private Christian schools will have clear goals to work together with parents to support every aspect of the child’s growth within a strong God-driven environment.

  1. How does the school’s program prepare your children for college?

With a varied range of subjects such as performing arts, media, languages, math, and science, your children will have a taste of what they enjoy learning about, giving them a stronger sense of purpose when college comes. Moreover, they will have support from highly qualified staff and a relationship that has been built with God to guide them through.

  1. Are the teachers enthusiastic and knowledgeable? Do they ask questions that stimulate students and keep them engaged?

The best way to find out about this is to take a tour around the school, have the teachers introduce themselves and gain an insight into their teaching methods. A reputable Christian private school in Orange County CA will always have this to offer parents before they make the leap to enroll. Not only do you want to be assured that the teachers are challenging your children, but also that they are leading by example.

  1. How much homework will your children be receiving?

You want to ensure your child is continuing to learn and develop outside of school with an adequate amount of homework. However, you also want to be assured that they still have time to be a child and develop other interests and their social side too, such as sports. Having the perfect balance to ensure your children are being challenged whilst still having the flexibility to explore what they are really passionate about with support from the teachings of Jesus Christ can secure your decision for the best private Christian schools in the area.

  1. How do students who need extra help receive it?

 Having as much one on one time as a student needs is essential to their development. Every child is different, and their ability to understand certain subjects may be slightly hindered. A great Orange County private Christian school will have the flexibility and qualified teaching support to give your child all the extra help they need. 

  1. Is the school accredited?

 What is the reputation of the school within the area? How does it list amongst other private Christian schools in Orange County CA? Making sure it has educational accreditation is a great way to fast-forward through these concerns. Be sure that standards have been met within the school and the accredited agency that granted the school its status is appropriate and relevant.

  1. What is the school’s approach to student discipline and safety?

Being disciplined and highly safety conscious is instrumental to your child’s welfare and their ability to become a respectful member of society. What are the school’s safety standards? During the school tour, make sure to ask this question and look through their rules and regulations for both children and staff.

  1. What are the fees?

 It is important to not associate high fees with a higher quality of education. Kingdom Life Academy School, one of the best private Christian schools in Orange County CA, actually receives external funding to help reduce tuition fees to as many children as possible have the opportunity to receive a quality education.

Kingdom Life Academy school believes that as Jesus grew in wisdom (intellectually), stature (physically) and in favor with God (spiritually) and Man (socially), their educational philosophy need to encompass the spiritual, social, intellectual and physical areas of their students’ lives.  Having such a strong philosophy as one of the best private Christian schools in the area is what makes them so reputable. Further to this, Kingdom Life Academy School recognizes that an excellent education is founded upon disciplined, eager attention to learning; that this discipline rests upon the student’s moral character; and that this moral character can only be developed through a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

It is important that private Christian schools follow a strong curriculum and truly symbolize their beliefs and philosophy. This sort of transparency will give you peace of mind in knowing that your children are truly receiving the best education possible. To know more about the school, book a school tour with Kingdom Life Academy School.

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