Why the Need of Poetry in Schools?

While most parents focus on taking the time out to read picture or storybooks to their children every night, the importance of poetry books in Orange County Schools is only recently being given the appreciation it deserves. Why? Well, most people are not entirely aware of how knowing poetry can be helpful for children. Learning, reading, reciting and trying to understand poetry out loud with children can leave an imprint of them that benefits them for the rest of their lives.


Why the Need of Poetry in Schools?

Why there is a need for more poetry and poetry books in Orange County Schools

There are several reasons as to why poetry should be held in high regard as a part of the curriculum for young readers. According to several educational types of research, it has been proven that

  • Poetry can be a crucial element in motivating children to read – What is blandly perceived as silly and animated can be a matter of intrigue and speculation for many kids. For instance, a silly character from a poem may be so memorable and impactful; children may get drawn towards reading more books.
  • Builds phonemic awareness – Poetry books for kids are essentially designed to make children more phonemically aware. The patterns and rhyming are often shaped in a way so that children get to recognize the alphabetic principle. Application of these skills in a speedy and flowing way holds solid terminologies, syntactical and linguistic skills.
  • Builds Vocabulary – Since poems are so easy to remember, they help children to build up their vocabulary. Some of the top private schools in Orange County CA hold annual competitions based on poetry and recitation. The main reason for such activities is to make sure that the student body is encouraged to learn poetry and advance their vocabulary, year after year.
  • Fluency – Reading poetry books in Orange County Schools help children get over their natural uneasiness when it comes to stringing a lot of words together. Not only are they urged to speak a lot of words in a small amount of time, the fact that these words often rhyme makes it even better for their speech fluency. Some of the best elementary schools in Orange County make sure that their students speak as well as they write. It is no longer enough for a child to be completing his/her written assignments. It is also crucial that they speak up and communicate freely – an activity that is spurred by poetry.
  • Expression – When reciting poems, children are taught and encouraged to put a lot of emotion and expression into the words they are reciting. Such practices also help children in exploring and learning new words, phrases, and idioms in a new way. A lot of independent schools in Orange County CA focus on using poetry in ways that make a child more expressive and open to educated conversations.
  • Writing – It has been scientifically proven that by exposing a child to poetry from a very young age, the level of writing skills intrinsically improves later on when they are teenagers. Children learn to use how to use punctuations and are exposed to all forms of literary tropes that get psychologically registered into their brains. Nowadays, it is fairly common for a Private Preschool in Orange County CA to be holding special poetry writing classes, simply because of the beneficial impact it has on a child’s overall writing skills.
  • Sound – Its weight on sounds and rhythm creates enhanced levels of hearing awareness. The capability to hear and recognize distinct noises in words—which creates the basis for learning to recite in a system that narrative does not. It is normal for any prestigious Orange County Christian Private School to use biblical poetry and hymns to make children distinguish between words.

Each of these advantages is vital for children to mature and become strong readers in the future. By exposing kids to poetry, be it reading or writing, teachers help them in gaining some of these crucial foundational skills that are important for any child to thrive later on in their lives.

Kingdom Life Academy School has successfully used poetry books as an efficient way of educating students. Kingdom Life Academy School’s branch in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County CA, has been extremely helpful to the local community and has fostered groups of students to become future leaders and innovators.

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