Inspirational Movies for High School Students

A lot of professional therapists use a tactic of prescribing certain films to their patients to help them overcome difficulties such as depression or a rut in their emotional happiness. In a lot of cases, it has been recorded that this tactic has worked with patients expressing some sort of relief after watching these films. Some inspirational high school movies in Orange County CA have worked in the same way. Students in the classroom have been really helped and encouraged to bring certain changes in their life after watching certain films.

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How High School Movies in Orange County CA Have Helped Students in Various Ways

  • Using movies to inspire unmotivated students

Even in some of the best private schools in Orange County CA, a teacher is bound to encounter some students who do not like reading the novels they have been assigned to read, or students who do not like reading books or novels at all. Using film versions of the stories they are assigned to read can really help in exciting these students who are endeavoring to become or stay involved. Movies about overcoming educational difficulties can also help. Films such as The Kings Speech can really inspire students to overcome their uneasiness in carrying out educational responsibilities such as reading or speaking in public.

  • Advance protracted thinking strategy

Protracted thinking approaches are some of the most significant skills top high schools are expected to give to their students, but then again, they can also be some of the most problematic subjects to fit into classroom lessons. Covering crucial vocabulary, command, and other significant skills – like associating and contrasting, examining perspective, creating support, or mistake examination – can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to fit into a school syllabus. By exposing to some classic high school films, students can intrinsically learn these skills on their own through observation. Here’s how it can be done –

  • Make all the students watch an enjoyable but educational film
  • Have the students in the classroom create groups of their own and create Venn diagrams or simple lists to jot down the differences and parallels between certain characters in the film
  • Have them comment and debate on the narrative and moral of the film. Ask each and every student to hypothesize support for their respective stands on the subject.
  • If the film which is being shown in the classroom follows a novel which is in the syllabus, have the students examine the first five chapters of the novel and the first hour of the film. As a collective, converse what the supplementary elements were added or deducted after from the film.
  • A lot of independent schools in Orange County CA make their students participate in such activities asking them questions such as – How did the watching of the film alter their perspective on a certain topic.
  • History

There’s loads of inspiration to be found in historical stories presented in the form of a film. Historical events or people can really help students understand the struggles of their predecessors or that of an individual, inspiring them to become better students and human beings. Films such as Schindler’s List or Gandhi can truly help students become a better person, inspiring them to be kind to one another.

  • Science

There are a lot of high school fictional movies and documentaries that help students experience the world from various viewpoints –be it a film about how machines were made or how hard life is for animals out in the world, science-based movies have for ages been instrumental in inspiring students to achieve greater things in life.

An average student struggling with life in a corner of an Orange County Christian Private School can become inspired to live life to the fullest, learning about the importance of family and hard work just by watching a movie? As amazing as it may sound, it is actually true. The power of high school movies in Orange County CA is indeed astonishing and one that needs to be explored further.

Kingdom Life Academy School has successfully used high school movies in Orange County CA to help their students and has become an example for other private schools. Kingdom Life Academy School branch in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County CA, has been extremely helpful to the local community and has cultivated a number of industrious students.

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