Advantages of Work-Based Learning during High School Education

WBL or Work-based Learning is set to become a chief part of high school education in Orange County CA. Such a forward-thinking system of education provides students with the prospect of gaining practical, theoretical, and employability skills by operating in real-life work environments. This form of education has shown the potential to prepare high school students for their forthcoming careers in the best way possible.

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Work-Based Learning for High School Students and How It Helps High School Education in Orange County CA

The concept of Work-Based Learning — gaining knowledge of technical, theoretical, and employability skill sets by operating in real-life work environments has been a part of educational traditions for centuries and is an essential part of the education structure in several industrial states. Frequently synchronized with school-based education, Work-Based Learning offers plan and problem intensive teaching and education instead of the more abstract and academic teaching and education that regularly happens in high school classrooms. Several Independent Schools in Orange County CA have adopted Work-Based Learning with the purpose of encouraging cognitive development (education through assignation with notions and objects), social or emotional expansion (education through engagement with oneself and peers), and career growth (education through engagement with professional procedures and places).

How Work-Based Learning is Different from Classroom Learning and How it Aids High School Education in Orange County CA

Work-based learning is demarcated by actions and experiences when a school student –

  • Goes to an office or operates with a professional employer
  • Carries out actual job tasks that help in developing his or her skill set in that particular field. The task should also make him or her more knowledgeable about the field and ready for the demands of the field. Lastly, such an experience should also support the entry or progress of that student in that particular career field. These are essentially youth apprenticeships designed to give the teachings to students that simply cannot be given to them inside a classroom. It amalgamates real-life experiences with education – a key factor which makes it so much more different from normal classroom-based education.

Work-based education can assist in-school youngsters, youngsters who are on the lookout for career opportunities, adult job seekers looking to gain a strong foothold in their preferred career field or even incumbent workers (workers already employed at a firm who aspire to further their careers). The process’ several advantages have compelled several top private schools in Orange County CA to partner up with local companies in order to create innovative participation programs for school children.

Work-based learning incorporates a wide range of educational experiences, from divulging high school students to jobs through actions like job shadowing, to offering aspiring professionals with profession-specific training. Several students from top high schools are opting for practices such as internships (working as a trainee at a company), Service Learning (learning the basics of a service field by working as an amateur) and Job Shadowing (working under experts in order to pick up the things that they do at the workplace) – in order to gain an edge in this competitive market.

The goals of work-based learning can be applied to benefit any student from any Orange County Christian Private School. It essentially prepares high-school students to –

  • Be prepared for work and careers

The students get a clear idea of what will be expected of them once they enter the profession.

  • Pass in an Edification or Training Program

These courses come with certificates. When the time comes for these students to jump into the professional world, the fact that they have earned an academic degree or industry-documented credential will certainly help them get a job.

  • Achieve Self-Sufficiency

Most importantly, these courses help students to become self-sufficient in this ever-competitive marketplace.

Kingdom Life Academy School has positively used Work-Based Learning to influence high school education in Orange County CA in an efficient way, educating students in the best way possible. Kingdom Life Academy School branch in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County CA, has been extremely helpful to the local community and has fostered groups of students to become future leaders and innovators.

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