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Finding schools that can provide the best early education in Orange County CA, is an important task that should be approached meticulously as their role in developing children is crucial. With children being more susceptible to absorbing information both academically, and socially, at such a young age, the challenge of finding a school that will tailor its teachings to your child in order to get the best from them can be quite overwhelming at times. Many parents in the area often seek out private schools in Orange CA, as they can offer a lot more than the rigid set structures at public schools. Due to governmental regulation, public schools, unfortunately, are bound to very strict curriculums to abide legislation. Therefore, the teaching becomes a lot more generalized, which for early education can be a problem as children are a lot more distracted at this age. However, private education can offer much more such as religious studies, more parental involvement, much smaller class sizes and one to one time between teacher and child.

Why is early education so important anyway?

Best Early Education in Orange County CA – Kingdom Life Academy

Many people wonder if the benefits of enrolling your child in early education really outweigh the costs as they are too young to really absorb any information, right? Well, actually, research has proven that giving your child the best early education in Orange County CA increases brain development which has a huge impact, giving your child the ability to absorb, and be more tolerant to, new things. From this, and great teaching, they will develop stronger vocabularies, improved reading capabilities and maintain a low level understanding of the basic math.

When employed within an encouraging learning environment, the child will also develop social skills alongside this, including problem solving, the ability to compromise and understand the wider context.

With such benefits, it is easy to see how early education can layout the foundation for your child’s entire development. However, once you have decided on early education, and perhaps with the advantages of private over public, gone with searching for private schools in Orange CA, you then need to commence with your choosing of which private school.

Kingdom Life Academy School

When searching for the best early education in Orange County CA, Kingdom Life Academy School is a reputable, and strong contender within the area. Its program for young children seeking early education provides each child with the best opportunity to develop to their optimum capacity, full of intellect, critical thinking and social confidence. The team of staff works endlessly to deliver the most enriching and rigorous education within a safe learning environment those embraces God and the teachings of Christ every day. One of the key advantages to Kingdom Life Academy is that it breaks the stigma of private schools in Orange CA only being exclusive to those that can afford excessive tuition fees. The school wants to give every child the opportunity to enroll in private education, and therefore utilize external donations to reduce their tuition fees so the entire community can receive a quality education.

What does Kingdom Life Academy School provide to progress your child’s development?


Religious Importance

Kingdom Life Academy School believes that the best preschool learning in Orange County, CA is done within an environment that embraces the Holy Spirit and integrates the teachings of Jesus Christ every day. The belief is that to remain disciplined and tolerant when it comes to learning and staying focused, all children, whether in public or private schools in Orange County, CA need to develop a strong moral character. The school believes that this morale character is born and developed through a relationship with God. As a result, the entire curriculum involves the teachings of Christ so children can develop in a safe, God-driven environment.

Strong Curriculum

Standing above other private schools in Orange CA, Kingdom Life Academy School provides a challenging curriculum including math, science and languages. In order to also give development outside of standard educational growth, the school offers media, visual and performing arts which not only help, as it has an important effect on personal growth including confidence, expression and self-belief.

To deliver each of these subjects, the school follows the Californian based educational code. This includes critical and creative thinking, problem solving, depth and complexity of context, connections to big ideas and biblical truths.

Qualified and Professional Team of Staff

To deliver such a strong curriculum, we have a fully equipped team of staff that is qualified with all credentials required by the state. Additionally, in order to lead by example, all staff follows the teachings of Jesus Christ themselves and holds a strong relationship with God. Therefore, we provide an authentic and transparent learning environment to your children.

Parental involvement

One of the benefits of the best early education in Orange County CA, is that parental education is of key importance to the staff. As one of the best private schools in Orange CA, we have one-to-one meetings with the parents to get a thorough understanding of their child’s requirements. We also hold events throughout the year so parents can get an insight into what we are doing for their children. This includes discussion sessions and Christmas performances. Kingdom Life Academy School pride themselves on communication as well as an open door policy, we are also available to chat on more informal online communities such as Facebook and Twitter.

Teaming up with parents to provide an education that gives your child all the tools they need for their development, alongside all the other beneficial factors is what puts Kingdom Life Academy School amongst the top private schools in Orange CA. The school is dedicated to bringing the best out of your child, and enabling them to be future leaders with the best early education in Orange County CA.

Get in touch with Kingdom Life Academy School to find out more about the school or to request your application packet.

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