Homeschooling/ Hybrid Program

Knowing that God anointed and appointed you to parent and educate your children, our goal is to come alongside you in the education of your children. Whether you decide to enroll in a traditional school model, homeschool model, or a combination of both, we are here to support you. Our Chapel services are always open to any family (whether enrolled with us or not).  Please join us every Friday from 8:50 – 9:40 am.

When you enroll with us as a homeschool family, in addition to the weekly chapel service, you are invited to join us on school field trips (at least 3 per year), daily lunch time , and participate in other school special event days such as Red Ribbon Week, the National Day of Prayer, jog-a-thon, and dress-up days.

We also offer varying levels of support to accommodate the diverse needs of each individual child.  If you choose to enroll in a core academic class, you will be joining the students enrolled full-time at Kingdom Life Academy daily during that instruction time.  Please see the school office for grade level class schedules.  Advancement classes are designed to help each student step into the powerful person they were created to be!  We offer Spanish and leadership to help students communicate important things, visual arts to help students share visions that God has given them, performing arts to spread the gospel, and PE to help us take care of ourselves.  All advancement classes are held on Friday, the schedule is attached.  We also offer teacher/curriculum support, record keeping, and standardized testing.  We want to help make your homeschooling experience a positive one!

If you choose to enroll in our Homeschool Support Program, please call the school office to schedule a homeschool support interview.  We would love to hear more about your educational needs and discuss how we can support you in the education of your child(ren).

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Homeschool Support Program Information

Enrollment Fee: $100/child per year: Includes participation in school field trips, lunch hour as needed, and special events (Red Ribbon Week, National Day of Prayer, dress-up days, etc.)

Class space is limited. See school office for current schedule. Payment is due on the first day of each trimester.  

Add on options per trimester: 1st trimester = 8/17 – 10/28, 2nd trimester = 10/31 – 2/24, 3rd trimester = 2/ 27 – 5/26

___ Core academic class

  • Tuition = $325/trimester per class.  Classes are approximately 55 minutes each day Mon – Thu.
  • Curriculum fee = $50/trimester per class. Includes use of student textbooks.

Your choice(s):   ⃞  Reading   ⃞  Writing   ⃞  Math   ⃞  History   ⃞  Science

___ Advancement classes

  • Tuition = $250/trimester per class. Classes are approximately 45 minutes 1 x week (Fridays).
  • Materials fee = $25/trimester per class.

Your choice(s):   ⃞  Leadership   ⃞  PE   ⃞  Spanish   ⃞  Visual Arts   ⃞  Performing Arts

___ Educational Specialist Support

Includes monthly meetings (10 total) with a credentialed teacher to address your individual curriculum and teaching questions/needs, and cumulative file/record keeping.

  • $150 per trimester

___ Standardized Testing

  • $100